Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ribbon Board

I have been on a mission to make decorative wall hangings for the babybee on the way. This craft idea came to me when I was at Target. They had ribbon boards for sale and the construction was just so basic. I had to try and do it at home. I had saved a Valentines Day chocolate box for some future craft, as it turned out this one was a perfect fit.
I am all about using what is on hand so instead of buying batting I used a worn out bleached stained towel that still had some fluff to it. Honesty it was just to unsightly to use for anything other than cleaning or a craft project. The fabric that was to cover the board was a lovely cotton sundress (at one point) that had also been worn to the point of rags. Over all this was a fun and easy project that cost me nothing and was fun to make.

Step 1 
I placed the shape to be covered over the fabric to make sure all edges would be evenly covered. Once the general shape was cut  I trimmed the towel as I hot glued it. I really want the towel to be smoothly placed and with out lumps. Once the towel was secure I add the next layer of fabric. 
 Step 2
I place ribbons over the covered board making a grid. I suggest pinning the ribbons together temporarily if you plan to sew buttons. If not sewing buttons put a drop of glue where the ribbons overlap you can then move the grid over the board freely until you find the right position.
Step 3
Once you are happy with the layout and size of the grid glue the ribbons starting at the top edges of the board then the bottom, lastly the sides. Once you have the grid inplace go back and place small drops of glue under the ribbon crossings, this should be the only glue on the top surface of the board. This is what will keep your pictures from sliding straight down.