Friday, June 10, 2011

Shaved ice with Berries

After picking berries in the summer heat I needed a cool treat. This is a simple summer dessert that will cool you down fast. The concept is simple shaved ice and Sweetened Condensed milk, then add your topping(s). You can get creative with the ingredients, sweet red bean paste, peaches, mango's, pineapple, banana purée or berries all work well. I used fresh picked Boysen Berries. The unexpected rain gave my parents garden the extra water it needed to produce the sweetest berries yet!
The only problem you may run into is the shaved ice. I suggest a snow cone maker. My blender worked well enough, but the ice still had a few chunks.

Helpful Hints
  • Have all your ingredients ready before you prepare your ice.
  • purée a small portion of your fruit to get more flavor
  • don't be shy with the condensed milk
  • don't get greedy and use a big glass, I made this mistake and my mouth was frozen
  • try layering fruit and ice it looks amazing
  • save unused condensed milk in a squeeze bottle 


  1. Hmmm seems yummy! :) Hard to find Boysen Berries in my place. But strawberry must be nice replace too

  2. oh wow this looks so delicious :)