Sunday, September 15, 2013

Time for Raspberry Leaf Tea

I want to say it's that time of the year again, but this doesn't happen every year. I am pregnant! Child number three should come May first according to doctors. I am already fussing about my doctor visits and venting my frustrations about how far apart my appointments are and the quality of my care. I can't help it I have never been happy with my doctors. I always leave the office feeling frustrated and rushed. Anyway, due to my condition I am once again off of caffeine and back to herbal tea.

 I am well aware of the caffeine vs no caffeine debate, but honestly I know my body the best. After drinking a coffee, tea, or cola I feel I have just stressed my system. Make no mistake I love black tea and coffee in all forms, but it just doesn't work for my body now. I am already thinking of my post baby coffee It's iced with cream and sugar, maybe a bit of caramel.
Back to reality. 
I shared my big news with my mother by asking for some tea. She didn't understand at first, but once I mentioned raspberry she understood. The benefits of raspberry leaf are many including strengthening the womb,so it serves my purpose exactly. Herbal tea can be great for you but really nasty in flavor. I once ordered a pregnancy tea that smelled so bad I could't even brew it. The one herb that I don't have an issue with is raspberry leaf. My mom would steep raspberry leaf and nettle  overnight for the following day for her own health reasons. I couldn't deal with the nettle, but the raspberry was drinkable in large amounts.,especially if you make some hibiscus tea and mix the two with lots of sweetener. 

I love the personal touches each Etsy seller adds to orders. I am really looking forward to a surprise tea blend that smells just wonderful. It is fruity, sweet smelling and even made my mouth water.Thanks mom.

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  1. I wish I could come over and join you for tea! If you get tired of the raspberry leaf I would recommend Rooibos. I've been pretty addicted to any of its varieties lately and it's not caffeinated. It will probably not help you strengthening the womb but it's delicious with some milk in a cold rainy day