Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen Cuteness

Russian doll measuring cups & Lily Pad tea infuser

 I spotted these little ladies at World Market, wouldn't you know it was the last set in the store! The tea infuser was also just a chance find at a Ross store. I am currently cleaning and updating my kitchen. I realized I had way to many things that didn't benefit me at all cluttering up my small kitchen. Over the last month I have let go of all my chipped dish ware, extra drinking glasses, and random silverware. I am really satisfied with the results.  My kitchen is looking cleaner and more organized and I can actually see what I have and need.

Recently my husband brought home a new tea from the International Market. I think it is totally funny and retro in package design. The tea is loose leaf and has a bold leaf flavor. When I asked my husband to explain the flavor he said, "It taste like real tea, not like the other (Lipton), that tastes like used tea repackaged". I agree the color is much darker and it is great to drink with milk. Don't let the old school box design fool you, the tea is actually sealed within the box in an air tight bag. Over all I am totally happy with this brand and would recommend it for everyday use.

Shay El Wezza (tea goose)

Shay El Wezza (tea goose)

Wow! I need a cup of tea!

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  1. Great duck (swan?). I’m really looking forward to trying this tea.