Friday, February 18, 2011

What's been Growing

Some weeks ago I wrote about tea and posted some pictures of mint. I had started to root mint in a cup of water and was extremely impressed with my green thumb. Shortly after that (week or so) I took the mint to my mom to plant in her yard. When she came to visit me last Tuesday she left a pot in my kitchen with my baby mint rootlings (my own word) all mature in dirt!

 I feel so attached to this plant. My first and only house plant at this point. I do intend to stick him out on the patio soon, but I am so impressed with him. I want to keep the little mint close to me in my kitchen window.
 I am already rooting another kind of mint, Persian Mint and have high expectations. I started  this from a half wilted pathetic fragment of mint. I wasn't sure if it would survive, but it did! Insha'allah it will grow and eventually mature into a pot like my Mr. Minty....yes I named my mint and I have the intention to make a name tag for his home pot.  

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