Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mega Cupcake!!!

I have just purchased one of the coolest cake moulds on Earth!  

 I used my basic White cake recipe from a previous post ( "Let them Eat Cake"). I added lemon zest in the batter and made a filling from custard powder, lemon juice, and sugar. I left the custard sweet but tart to contrast the frosting.

The flowers are white chocolate melt-a-ways from Win Co. Supermarket
I used a silicone ice tray from the Dollar Tree for the mould

The frosting was very basic: powder sugar, butter, vanilla, and a splash of milk. I decided to use this recipe because I really needed a sweet stiff frosting that wouldn't slide down the cake. The cake was not overly sweet and the lemon was subtle even with the lemon custard filling.

The top part of the cake came out uneven,  but I ended up carving more of a swirly
shape so the frosting would sit nicely atop. I think next time I will cut a larger section out for the filling and use more vanilla and lemon zest to the top of the cake for an extra kick.

Expect many Mega good Cakes to come!

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