Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deal Day

Yesterday I went to a thrift store with a couple of friends. If anyone needs directions this is the best I can do. I was happy to find inside a large clean  and well organized store. An interesting element to this store was a cafe situated in the front left portion of the building. I am not sure if it is regularly open, but they did have a stage and seating.

Mural located on the wall of Neighborhood Thrift
My baby isn't sure what to think of this particular subject matter.
 He is developing his taste in art as well as his eye sight

 I only had 10 dollars in my wallet for the day so I wasn't really looking for much maybe an old cookbook or 60's style plate. As it turned out I had more than enough cash.

Four great finds! Bon Appetit from August 1983, The World of Tea by (Lipton),
Grand Diplome Cooking Course 1971, & Eat and Stay Slim 1968

 One of my new hobbies this year is collecting old recipes, I want to turn the clock back in my kitchen. This idea started with some cake decorating books gifted to me by a friend who works in a local library. She thought of me when she spotted them in the reject pile. I enjoyed them so I picked these up. I find it refreshing and nostalgic to look at these magazines and cookbooks.

After the thrift shopping we stopped by a Mexican bakery for a pastry and coffee then headed home. Not a bad morning.  

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