Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Started: Day One

 I am going to try and post something regularly in an attempt to keep track of whatever it is I do. Last year was one of the longest in my life, I had a kid, traveled to Jordan, had my one year Anniversary, moved into a new apartment, and started (for real) to learn how to cook. I'm not much on keeping a journal, but lets give this a go!
Simple Breakfast

Olive Oil,
 Banana Lassie

My husband always bugs me to make a recipe notebook so I can remember the things that are good and how I made them. This morning was nothing to new. I made  a mango lassie before but never a banana. The banana was a success, but was missing something. I have to work on this one. When I get it right I will post the recipe!

 I started working-out in the morning just after sunrise & I am trying to get my husband to do the same. One motivational technique I have, is to have my work out done by the time he comes back from the Masjid. If I can do that he can start his workout right way.  I then have breakfast ready when he is done. Food I learned is the best motivator for my husband. Banana Lassie was his reward for a early morning work-out.
My mom gave me a whole bag full of magazines a few weeks ago. I have been trying to get to them but my baby is always keeping me busy. I finally figured a way to keep him happy.

After Aser prayer the best expected surprise was delivered. My Love Package came in the mail! My long time friend sent me a box stuffed with make-up, Hello Kitty pencils, candy, lotion and lashes. This sounds juvenile, but it's awesome to get a box of stuff that you wouldn't regularly least not all at once. I love knowing each item was picked because it was a good deal and my friend knows I will love it.

                                                       I can't wait to send some love back!

The only problem I face is she is has everything. Check out her blog at......

I found a strange recipe this afternoon for a cookie with Ricotta Cheese as a main ingredient. It just so happens I had a tub of Ricotta waiting to be used. I originally got the cheese for stuffed Jumbo Shells, but I have yet to make the red sauce. Anyway, I made the cookie to take over to my friends house for craft day. I don't know how it will be received , but it doesn't matter so much it was a test recipe. If I do it again I will add more vanilla or maybe lemon.

What is craft day?

 The girls get together in the afternoon to work on art projects they may have going. This week it's going to be at Annie's house. I am trying to think of a project to take that isn't to much fuss to move. Just the other day I was at my mom's house, she gave me a great wooden tray...... maybe I will paint that or at least draw out a design to get it ready to paint!

 End of the day 

 My husband showed me how to roast coffee beans and make a cup of Arabic coffee. He said, Bedouins (his family) say, that when making the coffee you have to have the right intention. If you are angry or emotional it can compromise your coffee. It turns out coffee making is quite the art. Songs and such are made apart of the coffee making process.


  1. I ment to post this last night but I ws so sleepy.

  2. Banana Lassie looks good -- hurry up and post the recipe haha.