Monday, January 17, 2011

Cake Decorating Flash Back

Wilton Yearbook Cake Decorating
How cool is this! Last Saturday and a friend gave me these vintage cake decorating magazines.The library that she works at was going to toss these out when she thought of me. One mans trash is another man ...cake. I was totally surprised that someone would think of me when looking at vintage cake magazines, what sort of image do I give off? I am so much cooler than I thought. Anyway I am totally happy and strangely fascinated with the images.



I want to try and make more cakes this year. My baking skills are a bit rusty in the cake area. I have been stuck in the whole cupcake craze, I can't even remember the last cake I baked. Why not bake this year with the theme? Hummmm.....I have it, "Flash back Frosting"! This is going to take planning and a bit of research. Not only should the outside design be vintage but also the recipe. When someone takes a bite of my cake I want it to be like, "WOW my tastebuds are on a time travel back to the....20th century".

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