Wednesday, January 19, 2011


After many requests by my hubby I finally made pizza. I don't know why I put off this relatively easy meal....maybe I was (am) afraid of having to make it all the time. The pizza dough is so simple.
1 packet Active Dry Yeast
1 1/2cup warm water (not hot),
3 1/2cups flour,
1 tablespoon olive oil,.
 Mix water and yeast, sifted flour in a bowl, add water mixture to flour, add olive oil and salt, Kneed into dough, dust a bit of flour on the dough when it starts to get a little sticky,  move to a new oil coated bowl let sit covered for about 2 hours.
This makes a very simple unexciting dough. When I do this again I plan on adding a bit of garlic powder or maybe rosemary, something anyway to add a bit of dimension.
After I rolled the dough out I covered top and bottom with olive oil, spread it evenly over the whole surface area.
 I then floured a flat metal pan and centered my pizza. I add all the toppings at this point, but take into consideration the cheese ( if you are using it) . I recommend adding the cheese towards the end of your baking process so it doesn't melt too soon. I did a bit at the beginning then added more just before I turned the broiler on to make the top of the pizza golden.

Your oven should be very hot. I have a crummy electric oven so the best I could do was 500 degrees. Make sure you preheat your oven. I can not stress this enough, also if you are going to use the broiler at the last minutes of baking, watch your pizza closely. I have been known to burn things this way. It never fails just at the most inopportune times my little baby boy decides he has to be held and fed. Lucky for me I have a husband who holds food in high regard and watched the pizza to the point of perfection. My hubby had waited ....I don't know ...maybe a year for this homemade pizza and no son of his was going to mess it up.

I am sure I will be doing this again in the very near future.