Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tea with.....

I used to drink tea with milk and sugar. No more!
 Ever since I got married I have been steadily finding new spices and herbs to add a different dimension to an ordinary black tea or green.
I will say that I do enjoy a regular cup of tea with no frills especially when it comes to green tea. If the leaf is good quality it is almost a crime ( in my opinion) to add anything to a green tea.
Most recently my husband brought home a plastic bag of a mystery leaf. I loved the smell and recognized it from a tea shop I had visited before. He told me some people at the Mosque had brought it from the garden of someone. Like I said, mystery.
 That day I was having a couple of friends over for lunch, when it came time for tea I dropped a small bit of this plant in the pot along with some Persian Mint (also included with Mystery Leaf). I didn't leave it in long due to the strong aroma of the leaves.

                                                                  Mystery Leaf

The reviews were great on this little green garden gem! My friends loved this new flavor. I had to find more and secure my supply. I searched the net in Arabic and English and found nothing that was a perfect match. I did learn it was a Geranium of some sort but that was to vague. When I visited my mom she identified it immediately, but commented on its aroma as being particularly fragrant.
 Since then I have received several deliveries of this savory leaf, but only just learned how to grow my own.  I guess it is rather easy you just get a larger clipping and put it in water, roots then grow and you plant it. Wow! I have to admit I was a bit sceptical so I made a tested on mint.

Mint Test

As you can see it works. Just today I put the Mystery Geranium Leaf in some water, we shall see what happens. I should mention the mint that my Hubby called Persian Mint is not the one shown in the picture above. I do plan on starting a bit of that too.
Additions to tea in my house are also Cardamom and Sage. When making a pot of tea I first boil the water in my electric kettle then pour it over the tea bag(s) or loose leaf. If adding something special I pour the heated water in a sauce pot set to high heat, dump a bit of sugar and add the leaf(s). Once it boils I remove the leaves and add loose leaf tea or bags. If you don't mind leaves in your tea you can just let everything steep together in your teapot. I sometimes do this, just remember the flavor will get stronger.
As I write this post I will admit I have done nothing to my current cup of tea, not even sugar.

Touch Organic Tea
I love this brand of tea. I have to say out of all the bag tea I have tasted this is the best. I have tried Mango Green, Green Tea, and White Tea all are Yummy!  I even put it on my face as a skin toner. Green tea has all sorts of benefits for the body inside and out.

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