Monday, April 18, 2011

Korean "Sushi" Kimbap

Kimbap can have just about anything in it. For my rolls I used what I had on hand. I was a bit surprised I could put this together. So many times when preparing food from different culture it takes a trip to the market and too much money. In the end sometimes it cheaper to go to a restaurant. Kimbap can have more ethnic ingredients, but to get the basic taste you can use simple ingredients. Think of this as the sandwich roll of Korea.
  • rice-cool to room temperature before rolling
  • lean steak- thin small pieces
  • egg
  • carrot (julian cut before cooking) 
  • spinach
  • cucumber- julian cut
 To add extra flavor marinade your steak over night and saute your spinach in a bit of sesame seed oil. The spinach only takes a minute. You know when it is done when the green color  brightens, this also applies to steaming the carrot. For your cucumber sprinkle with salt and let sit while you cook your veggies, rinse and pat dry before rolling. The egg needs to be cooked as a paddy in order to cut into strips. Beat two or three eggs together then pour into a heated pan with oil. Keep your heat around medium. Once the egg starts to become firm carefully flip paddy over to cook on both sides. Remove from heat and pat off any extra oil that may be left on your egg, cut into strips. All your veggies should be cut into strips, remember you have to roll them all together so be mindful of the size.

I used a place mat from the dollar tree for my sushi roller.
Leave some space on both sides of your Nori.

 Notice my Nori spacing is reversed from the first pic.
Add your filling next to the smaller space- .
Roll the Nori over so your filling is smooched together.The extra will help seal the roll.

You can also brush a bit of sesame oil over the finished Kimbap.
Slice or eat like a burrito!

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  1. I love Korean Kimbap! I remember a friend making these a long time ago, brings back fond memories.