Thursday, April 11, 2013

Almost French Toast

This morning a strange urge for french toast struck me. The idea of bread soaked in egg then fried and smothered in syrup seemed palatable, but then I remembered the smell and the fantasy was all over. The smell of the egg cooking  ruins it for me, not to mention  the texture of the finished product that grosses me out. Instead I remembered a recipe for french toast muffins that was all about the oven and no toast or egg soak involved . I don't know why it is called  french toast muffin , I guess it sounds better than sugar muffin for breakfast. The recipe came from  a pin I saved off of Pinterest, to go to the direct blog page for the recipe check the link .

 The muffins came out great, but the topping was a bit unfinished, next time around, I am going to try filling the cups less and do a classic crumb  coffee cake topping. I did the topping this time as directed, but  used half brown sugar and half white, then put the muffins under the broiler for a minute or two. The butter and sugar bubbled to make a bit of a crust . Actually I didn't follow directions perfectly, but well enough.

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