Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recently I have been feeling some of my long lost of energy returning. This oddly coincided with the first birthday of my youngest. He is more active than ever and quite the handful or should I say arm full ( he weighs in at 26 pounds and 30 inches)  never the less I feel rejuvenated. For better or worse my two boys keep each other occupied giving me windows of opportunity, but I also feel it's something else. A weight has been lifted form me, it could be that winter is winding down and Spring has arrived, but I feel it is more than seasonal. I have started a new personal project that takes a lot of consideration and Me Time.
My one year old (left) and his older brother of two and a half (right)
 I have been artistically uninspired  I mean this in the most severe way. I would sit with the intention of creating a masterpiece and end up with doodles and eraser marks. Epic Fail. My husband tried to be supportive and inspire me with a book project that was based around action adventure stories. I was interested but lost my zeal for the project rather quickly. It was a great idea, but not self centered enough to bring me out of my slump. I realized I have to find a center inside my self to be able to produce art that mean something to me personally, then to the viewer.
 My relationship to my work has been distant at best, and I have failed to make a connection for some time. To resolve this issue I have been picking up books rather than a brush. I am redeveloping my creative process from scratch. It is a slow going process , but I hope I will be passionate again about what I communicate in my work.

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