Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Morning White Chocolate Soy Mocha!

Out of curiosity, I picked up a box of Coffee flavored soy milk . I am not a fan of soy so I had low expectations ,but I was pleasantly surprised!
 In this drink 

2oz boiling water 
 heaping spoon of instant coffee
handful of white chocolate chips
Creme Coconut
Coffee flavored Soy Milk

Mix hot water and Instant coffee,
add white Chocolate chips- If your chips are not melting
put coffee mix in microwave for 10 seconds to help the process
add Creme Coconut to taste
add Coffee flavored Soy milk
shake and pour over ice

Jelly Sweets! I just love them.
 It isn't everyday I find one I can eat. I am turned off in a major way by gelatin. First, it has a crazy extraction process . Secondly, I am Muslim and I don't dig on swine. I don't even like to take a chance that piggies maybe in my jellies. It starts in the back of my mind, images of animal carcases being dissolved in acid. Don't get me wrong I love meat. I eat hot dogs, I know the ickyness of meat processing. I just don't want to open a jelly cup and see a sad little horse or piggy looking at me. It is a sensitive subject.
These jelly cups are made with Carrageenan a red seaweed product. I have been looking into gelatin alternatives  for the last couple of months. I have found Asian products use a variety of seaweed based gelatin. This was a great comfort to me and my vegetarian friend Kelly.  Agar-Agar  is a great seaweed gelatin and I found it easy enough at my local Asian market. It has many names, so it is best to take them all with you and ask for help.

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