Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First Mother's Day

How do best friends know when you need them the most? I have wondered this periodically when my closest friend swoops in, with face masks, moisturizers and Jelly sweets that save the day.

My stress level has been on the rise lately. Even my little baby bee has been extra fussy. I think everyone has moments of frustration, but mine has been more like a month AHHHHHH . Then an unexpected surprise came calling. I got the best Mother's Day love package.

This love package had a Special Mother's Day card, Juicy Sandals, Mango Jelly sweets, Korean Black Ginseng, DDF Sulfur mask, 40 Carrots serum, Cosmedicine Hydra Healer, Borghese pure perfection mineral powder, blemish tool, Primal handmade cupcake soap, and a Bee scrubber for my kitchen.

I will admit being a mom for the first time has been a joy and a frustration. Some things that I used to find relaxing I don't have time for or have just forgotten about. I am guilty of neglecting my skin care regime....but I have taken steps recently to remedy the issue. I purchased a new cleanser (40 Carrots creme cleanser) and a new facial scrub( Clinic 7 day scrub) , but I was missing moisturizers. I have always had combination skin and that was prone to breakout. I used to go oil free, but I am getting older so the moisturizers of my youth just don't cut it. I worry about wrinkles and dark circles. This skin saver love package really was in every way just in time.  I recommend Cosmedicine Hydra Healer, a little goes a long way. I wasn't sure about the moisturizer at first in seemed to heavy but I was so wrong. My skin is clear and feels soft and hydrated.

Jelly Sweets and good skin don't solve the world problem or mine,but they never hurt.
Thank You! Thank You!Check out my friends blog for best beauty information!

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  1. Awww -- brought tears to my eyes lol. I will be posting your love package post soon :)