Thursday, May 19, 2011

Success at the Market

My Husband took over the food shopping some time back. He looked at it as one of his responsibilities as a provider to bring household necessity. I appreciated it greatly since I had an aversion to grocery stores. For years I avoided them. The last place I wanted to be was the frozen food section in an overpriced chain store. Then to make matters worse, stuck in my kitchen for hours cooking! It was also agonizing to see how much food cost. All I could think about at the check-out line was how I could of bought a new dress or a pair of sandals for the same price. What a wast.

Two years latter I have started to change my mind. This came with a new interest in food and cooking.  My husband brings great things from the grocery store, but I needed a new twist or two. Variety is the spice of life!

I was so amazed with what I found today during my shopping. I am still a thrifty shopper when it comes to food, but I have learned that doesn't mean I have to sacrifice quality. For example look at my finds today at the 99cent Only Store, some are even certified organic!   

Sambazon Acai Smoothie Packs
(4 individually packaged in a bag)
This is going to be my good morning smoothie!

Pearl Soy Milk coffee flavor
Pom Light Wild berry Tea
Santa Cruz Champagne Style sparkling Lemonade

package of three Romaine Lettuce hearts,2 cantaloupes, bag of fresh Anaheim chilies (not hot),
acai smoothie packs, two quart containers of Yoplait yogurt in plain and strawberry, one dozen medium eggs, 1gallon of milk, can of jumbo olives, French bread, Russian black bread, and drinks!

My second store today was a new experience. Vallarta Supermarket , the happiest grocery store on earth! I walk in and a splash of color and bright lights impressed me and upbeat Hispanic music played a little bit to loud for background music. I found my self happy to be shopping for vegetables and fruit! In my opinion  Asian and Hispanic markets have the best deals on produce.

One quick shot of  some of the fun that is Vallarta.

Jamaica (Hibiscus) for sale!

Coconut crazy.
Two brands of coconut water and the long awaited Cream of Coconut! I have been on the hunt for Goya Creme De Coco for a drink recipe that supposedly is pure coconut bliss!

Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce
This little can of goodness is a must have
if you like spicy Chipotle flavor.
At the end of my food shopping I revised my receipts and felt a sense of satisfaction. I saved on basic food items so in the future when a recipe calls for an expensive ingredient or  I want to treat my self to a tasty gourmet item from a more expensive grocer It won't hurt my budget!...... In all fairness the extra money saved is most likely going towards shoes.

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